Jeffrey Kuppersmith, DC

Specialties in Pediatrics, Pregnancy Care, Sports Chiropractic & Neurology

Dr. Kuppersmith has been a chiropractic physician for 18 years. He became passionate about chiropractic at about 18 years old when he started to get adjusted by a family friend. After he started to get adjusted for his migraines, which...
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Andrea Mankee

Practice Manager

Andrea has 10 years of experience in medical management and also as the Practice Manager for a multi-physician, multi-location Dermatology Clinic. Since 2016 she has been the Practice Manager at Unity Spine and Joint in Mesa. Andrea specializes in Training,...
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Silvia Lopez

Front Office Supervisor

Silvia has four years of experience in the medical field working with Unity Spine and Joint in Mesa. Due to her hardwork and dedication she has been promoted to the Front Office Supervisor position. Silvia is a board certified chiropractic...
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