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Jeffrey Kuppersmith, DC

Specialties in Pediatrics, Pregnancy Care, Sports Chiropractic & Neurology


Dr. Kuppersmith has been a chiropractic physician for 18 years. He became passionate about chiropractic at about 18 years old when he started to get adjusted by a family friend. After he started to get adjusted for his migraines, which he had ever since he can remember, they started to become less and less constant. He has helped thousands of people during his career and continues to have a passion for chiropractic.
He attended UMASS-Lowell for 2 years as an exercise physiology major then continued on to chiropractic school in Marietta, GA at Life University. He has specialties in pediatrics, pregnancy care, sports chiropractic, neurology, and manipulation under anesthesia.
Outside the office you can find him on the golf course with his daughter who is a competitive golfer. His favorite thing to do is watch her compete in tournaments. He is also an avid dog lover and has 3 rescue dogs and helps volunteer with the Rottie Rescue.

Qualification & Experience

  • Specialities: Specialties in Pediatrics, Pregnancy Care, Sports Chiropractic & Neurology


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Phone: 602-603-4077


4765 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe AZ 85282

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