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A Look At Whiplash Treatment In Glendale

If you’ve been suffering from neck or back pain and have recently been in a car accident or related incident, you’ll want to get reputable treatment as soon as possible. For whiplash treatment in Glendale, you can visit one of the excellent Pain Stop Clinics in the area. Clinicians will be able to determine the extent of the injury and develop an action blueprint for the recovery process. Most individuals who are dealing with whiplash end up fully recovering as long as proper care is given early on in the process.

There are a number of general recommendations for people in the immediate aftermath of an injury. You will want to place an ice pack on the affected area to keep the swelling down and to prevent the inflammation from adversely affecting the surrounding body tissue. Ice packs should be wrapped in paper towels to ensure that the pack itself is not placed directly onto the skin. Use a staggered system of placing the ice on the neck for about five minutes and then taking it off for ten minutes. This cycle should prevent inflammation while giving the skin a chance to breathe a bit in between each compression.

Physical exercise is one of the crucial parts of rehabilitation. If you have an appointment with a sports injury pain clinic in Glendale, you can expect to do a bit of physical exercise in between sessions to increase the mobility of the affected areas. Muscles that are gently stretched out with the proper rehab exercises will recover relatively quickly. Make sure that you do the exercise at the proper intervals as instructed by the professionals who are responsible for overseeing your recovery plan.

An car accident chiropractor in Glendale will be especially useful in helping you devise a plan to help stop the pain. Chiropractors will generally begin with an intake process that will include a full review of your medical history. Even if your injury is relatively recent, there may be aggravating factors that stem from an earlier incident. When chiropractors have access to your full medical history, they’ll be better able to help you find an appropriate treatment plan. Muscles that have been strained two or three times over a period of years may become less limber and could require heavier treatment.

The examination itself will follow some standard procedures that will allow physicians to determine if the diagnosis is correct. In general, the physician will touch the head, arms, and neck to determine if there are areas of sharp or acute pain whenever light pressure is applied. Physicians will usually also ask you to raise your arms and perform simple mobility exercises so that they can which areas seem to be giving you the most trouble. Any areas of very sharp discomfort, for example, will require further examination and perhaps laboratory tests that can determine what is happening beneath the surface of the skin.

Imaging Tests can sometimes be done to make a formal diagnosis. In fact, x-rays can peer into the muscle and bone layers to make sure that nothing is too off base. X-rays, in fact, are a useful tool for also ruling out broken bones, which can sometimes cause a false diagnosis. Hairline fractures, in fact, are small, thin fractures in the top layer of the bone that can sometimes mimic whiplash. The main goal is to correctly determine that whiplash is indeed causing the pain so that the proper remedy can be given to the patient. MRIs are also useful for finding out what is going in a localized region within the body.

Heat is an alternative to ice, especially in the days after an acute injury has taken place. Heating pads can generally be placed on injured muscles to increase flexibility. Heat can be particularly helpful before and after physical exercises. It is better to use heat for brief periods instead of keeping it on throughout the day continuously. For individuals who are experiencing very stiff necks, the discomfort can be quite extreme. Brief bouts of heat can decrease the discomfort and give people a better chance of getting around the house while they are still in the early stages of recovery.

Medications of various kinds can usually be prescribed, especially for individuals who are having trouble with basic mobility. Though over the counter medications like Tylenol will work in some instances, prescription medications are generally considered stronger. Prescriptions should always be taken at the time of day instructed by the physician so that the risk of side effects can be minimized. Certain painkillers are meant to be used only with severe pain and will only be prescribed for patients who truly need them in order to feel better. Many of these prescriptions are associated with the surgical wings of hospitals.

Muscle relaxants limber up the body so that those men and women who are currently suffering from whiplash can get the relief they deserve. Muscle relaxants are a class of medications that slow down some of the pain mechanisms within the body. They are generally prescribed for people who have sprains, strains, or pinched nerves.

Physical medicine therapy is a course of action that sufferers will come into contact with sooner or later. As you embark on your recovery process, you’ll need to commit to the exercises. Moving the neck and head in slow circles will slowly strengthen the muscles while working out any knots in those muscles.

Foam collars are generally placed around the neck for part of the day to keep it steady. During times of physical exercise, the collar is removed so that the physical therapy can be completed. Foam collars provide much needed stability while not being overly rigid. Ask the presiding clinician for a basic overview of some of the various collar types so you can get the one that is most complimentary for your kind of injury.

You can ultimately rely on Unity Physician Services for all of your Pain Stop needs. Professionals can work with you to develop a viable treatment plan. By following it, you can decrease your pain and return to your daily routine in no time.

We Offer The Latest Technology From A Trusted Team Of Doctors, Physicians & Chiropractors in Glendale, Arizona.
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